Saturday, May 18

System Development Life Cycle For When Going On A Date

  1. Planning. You've asked her out, she's already agreed, and the date has been set. You try to create a map inside your head of how you want to go about it. You basically have an itinerary of what you want to do during said date. Of course there's always room for spontaneity, and you try to accommodate possible scenarios as much as you can. 
  2. Analysis. Now that you've planned what you want to do, you analyze the person you're going out with. What are her characteristics? Is she quiet and reserved or does she come in a little strong? You have to assess the person in order for you to know how you should act/react towards them. This requires proper observance of said person so that you can tailor your actions/words towards theirs and have a harmonious, fun time together.
  3. Design. You've observed the person you are supposed to go out with. You've noticed that she's a bit of a shy person and doesn't like talk much. Now you try to think of ways on how you can get her to open up during your date. Of course you allow yourself room for changes, especially if you found out later that your analysis was wrong. But basically this is a crucial part in ensuring the success of your date.
  4. Implementation. So the day has finally arrived. You wear your awesome clothes and plaster on your most confident smile as you meet them. You've already analyzed each angle of the date and have prepared for this, with room for minor adjustments and modifications along the way. Now it's high time that you put into action those plans and preparations. It's time to do the things you've pictured yourself doing when you were planning for this date. If everything goes according to plan and you've assessed the situation thoroughly, then success is inevitable. If not, then I guess it's back to the drawing board.
  5. Maintenance. Assuming you're initial planning and analysis created a solid design and was implemented with almost perfect accuracy, with little tweaks here and there, both you and your date will feel more confident about yourselves, and be at ease with each other. But you shouldn't be celebrating this early because the task is not yet over. By this stage you've already impressed your date, now the question is how can you continue to impress her and give her an awesome experience for the duration of the time? The secret here is that your implementation should have provisions for maintenance. You don't go all out in just one hurrah. You do it gradually, with a slow and steady pace. Not too slow that she's gonna be bored later on, but also not too fast that's she's gonna think you're psycho and freak out. Just a subtle enough pace which both of you can enjoy. If all goes well, then she's gonna be inclined to agree to a second date, in which case a new cycle shall begin.

Friday, May 17

Buhay Maynila!

I've been here in Manila for almost 2 years now. I must admit at first I was a little bit skeptical as to whether I should continue my plans to work here. The lifestyle is a so much different with what I'm used to back in Negros. Anyways, here's a list of things I've observed in my stay here so far:
  1. Riding the MRT can be a nightmare. I remember my first rush-hour ride on the MRT and it was really scary. People were squeezing themselves in between lines in the hopes of catching a ride on the next arriving train. I don't mind the squeezing tight or some people being douche bags and skipping through the lines, it's the occasional sweaty passenger that really gets to me. Imagine yourself on your way to work when suddenly a really sweaty, stinky guy stands beside you inside the train. The train car is jam-packed with people and you have no other choice but to endure close proximity with his sweaty arms for the next 15 minutes. Later when you go down at your stop, the back or side of your shirt is stained with sweat, and the sad part is it's not even your own.
  2. Everyone seems to be in a hurry all the time. I fondly remember back in Dumaguete, there were days I just relaxed and took a leisurely stroll down the boulevard, or walked around the campus for the purpose of just chilling and passing the time. You can't do that here in Manila. Even going to the mall or watching a movie can be very rushed.
  3. There are so many, many, many people. Every day I am one of the thousands of people who travel along EDSA. Some ride a bus, some ride shuttle vans, some (like me) ride the MRT, some ride taxis, and some take their cars or motorcycles. Day and night the major streets are filled with people. During weekends the malls are packed with people trying to relax and take their mind away from their busy work schedules. Back in Dumaguete, the only time I get to see more than a hundred people was during Founders Day or Buglasan, or any other major event. Here I get to see hundreds upon hundreds of people every day.
  4. People's affinity towards lines. I have never before been so keen with falling in line in my entire life up until now. Lines for the MRT, lines for the shuttle vans, lines for movie tickets, lines for when entering the theater, lines for buying food, lines for groceries, there are so many things to fall in line for that I've gotten so used to it. Of the 1 hour I spend travelling to work, 45 minutes is spent falling in line. This is related of course to item #3; because of so many people, the tendency is there have to be lines for almost everything. Even buying your favorite buko juice.
There are other things that I've observed, but so far these are the four most prominent things I can remember with my life here in the Metro. After all it's still a little over a year since I've been here, so I'm sure there are still a lot of things to find out. 

Wednesday, May 15

Keeping Your Sanity After A Breakup

Breakups are a lot to handle, especially the ones following a long relationship. You suffer from overwhelming emotional and mental stress that sometimes you just want to break down and succumb to your dark thoughts brought about by a myriad of negative emotions. Fortunately we are stronger than these emotions and we can overcome them if we put our hearts into it. Here are 7 ways you can keep your sanity after a really stressful breakup:
  1. Lay off their social media. Once upon a time when you were all lovey-dovey with your ex, your social media profiles intertwined and showed numerous photos, videos, tweets, and status updates of how in love you were. Now that you're no longer together, it's time to erase any digital traces of their being a part of your life. No more chatting, stalking, commenting on their status updates/photos for the time being. If need be you can block them so that you will no longer see any of their recent activity. You'll just end up even more depressed when they post status updates or photos showing that they no longer care about you or that they are perfectly happy without you in their lives.
  2. Remove all contacts. It's high time you change your digits or erase theirs from your phone even though you've memorized all their phone numbers and can say them in your sleep. Refrain from texting or calling, especially drunk texts/calls at 3 A.M. in the morning. You'll just end up looking pitiful and most likely embarrass yourself in the process.
  3. Drink like there's no tomorrow. Go out and have those drinking marathons you used to do during college where you pass out and you have no idea where you are when you wake up. You may find yourself hugging a toilet bowl or sleeping on your puke, having no recollection of the events prior, just make sure you do it in a safe environment. You drink your worries away and wallow in your misery, you allow yourself a few hours to be reckless and irresponsible, but make sure that after that you pull yourself together, coming back strong and determined that you will overcome those hurts and sorrows.
  4. Escape from reality. Buy a book and get lost in it. Or better yet buy lots and lots of books and read them with much gusto. Download movies and have a movie marathon. Go for a trip all by yourself but make sure you plan it well. Sometimes it's necessary to just get up and get lost in something other than your raging emotions so that eventually they no longer bother you as much as they do right now.
  5. Shut yourself from the world. Have a day where you just turn off all communication from the outside world. Turn off your phone, your computer, your tablets and just allow yourself to be lonely. That time of solitude will help you ponder on why the relationship didn't work, it will help you realize the things that ended up being catalysts for your breakup. Along the way you can also rediscover yourself and emerge from this hiatus with a renewed sense of being, ready to conquer the challenges of the world.
  6. Form friendships that matter. In dire situations, it is always best to ask the help of a friend or a family member. Just the fact that someone is there to listen as you express all your pent-up feelings and hurt gives a sense of assurance that you are not alone in this quest of recovery.Choose friends who are great listeners and those who aren't quick to judge you on your actions or why you ended up in this situation.
  7. Do something productive. Whether it's learning a new skill, staring a new hobby, or volunteering for your favorite charity, doing something productive with your time often gives you a sense of renewed purpose and help alleviate all the hurt and sorrow you feel after a breakup. You will instantly feel good about yourself, and that's really where it all starts. Giving yourself the opportunity to rediscover who you are and what makes you happy will lead to recovery, and being able to help others along the way is pretty much a really sweet bonus. 

Tuesday, May 14

You've Moved On, I Haven't

I notice that you're online on Facebook. As much as I will myself not to check your profile, I succumb to the urge to see what you've been up to these past few weeks. Scrolling though your profile I notice a picture, a plate of food with a caption and a name tagged on it. Reading the caption and the name, I couldn't help but die a little in the inside. So much for self control, now I have to spend the rest of the day moping and being depressed because of that damn picture.

I try to fight my brains incessant nagging to send a chat message, but common sense flew out the window and I ended up sending one. We seemed casual at first, but then I started bitching about the past and how I haven't moved on, yada yada yada! You seemed nonchalant about it, brushing the subject off because to you it's no longer an issue.

At this point I felt foolish and depressed. I will myself to end the conversation, wishing you good luck on everything, but it seemed you didn't even read that last message, because there was no reply. 

You seem really happy, which is what I genuinely want for you. At the end of the day, what matters most is that you be with someone who can do things for that I wasn't able to, give things I wasn't able to give, and essentially make you happy just as you are now.

So with this I say goodbye, I mean really, good bye.No more stalking your Facebook profile, no more random texts and chat messages, no more moping around every time I see your picture. Because the reality is you've moved on, and I haven't.

Sunday, May 12

Happy Kid


Saturday, January 26

Moving Forward

It's been almost four months since my last relationship had ended, and until now I have to admit it's still kind of hard to accept the truth. There are times when I think back and ask myself what could have been, what would have happened had the relationship not end. There are also moments when I replay our fondest memories in my head just so I can savor it, just to be reminded that those were all that's left of us, memories. Call it a masochistic act or some form of self-induced apathy training, but basically for the past few months I've been doing that stuff over and over and over again. People tell me that's it's gonna be alright, that everything happens for a reason, and all the other generic words of comfort one gives to a bereaved heart, but it's just not that simple. 

As much as I can I try to be busy with other things, try to enjoy my life for a brief moment, but at the end of the day I still find myself wondering, hoping, missing. I've been trying to convince myself that it's all part of the healing process. I say to myself that in order for me to have peace I must first experience pain, but the reality of it is not that easy to accept.

As part of the healing process, I'm allowing myself to write again. Perhaps this way I can channel all the bottled-up emotions and pour it into something creative, if not then something productive or whatever. Anyways I hope I can keep this up. I've missed writing, and many other things that I used to do.

I guess in time I will get better, and learn to accept that what had happened, happened for a reason. By then I'd have become more mature, my brain a little smarter, heart a little tougher. By then I'd have had ample time for myself and had given myself a chance to do things for me.

It all begins here and now. This is it. The first step.

Saturday, December 15

Tridel Technologies Christmas Party

Last Wednesday we had our annual Company Christmas party. It was a little different from last year's party because it was held on a Wednesday, which was a bummer because we had to work the morning after. Nevertheless we had a great time. Here are some pictures of the event. Didn't get to take shots as much as I would have wanted to.

 This number won a gift certificate. I was hoping for the iPod Nano but I didn't have much luck with that.

 Listing of names for the raffle.

Monday, December 3

Conversations With My Alter Ego Part 2 - On Missing Someone

Carelessoul: "Hey dude how've you been?"

Me: "Why would you even ask that question?"

Carelessoul: "What? I was just wondering how you were doing?"

Me: "You're an idiot. You know that?"

Carelessoul: "What did I do?"

Me: "I mean why did you even have to ask that question? You know pretty well how I'm doing you moron. You're me for crying out loud."

Carelessoul: "I was just having a little fun, man. You don't have to be cranky about it. Just relax, okay dude?"

Me: "Sorry man. I'm just really blue right now. I miss her so much, you know?"

Carelessoul: "Of course man. After all, as you said I am you."

Me: "Yeah well, there's not much I can do about it now right?"

Carelessoul: "I suppose. After all it was you who decided to break up with her."

Me: "Yeah go ahead! Shove it in my face!"

Carelessoul: "Relax, man. All I'm saying is, you can't undo what's been done. I mean I'm not saying you can't try to get back with her and try to make things right, but it will never be the same. Both of you will remember each other's mishaps and whenever an argument arises, past mistakes get dug up and resurfaced again."

Me: "But you can't deny the fact that I was tremendously happy with her. She was the best I ever had. Probably the best I will ever have."

Carelessoul: "You can't say that dude. I mean come on you're only 24 years old. A lot of things can happen man. I mean who knows what the future holds right?"

Me: "I guess you're right."

Carelessoul: "Dude I know I'm right. I'm not saying what you're doing is wrong. I mean I share your pain too. I feel the same feelings you feel. The same hurt, the same anxiety, the same longing, everything man. But it's part of the healing process man. You have to feel all these emotions, for you to be able to move on from what has happened."

Me: "But what if I don't want to move on? What if I just want to hold her again and say how much a fool I was for breaking up with her? What if I want to be the boyfriend she wants me to be?"

Carelessoul: "Is that really what you want to do?"

Me: "I don't know man. I mean I'm really confused by all that's happened. I mean here I was still trying to figure out what I'm gonna do with my life, when suddenly this happens."

Carelessoul: "You can't change the past man. You can only look forward to or plan for the future. That's what you have to think about man. That's what you have to visualize. Where are you going be a year from now? Who do you want to become? What will you be doing? Those are the question you need to ask yourself."

Me: "Those are such profound questions as of this time dude. I mean I'm still trying to get over this break-up thing man."

Carelessoul: "I understand how you feel dude. I honestly do. I mean I thought she was 'The One'. I thought you were gonna pop the ring on her in the near future man."

Me: "I thought so too man. But things change, people change. Just look at how much she's changed now? She seems happier."

Carelessoul: "She does seem a little bit happier. Too bad it's not you making her happy now. Hahaha."

Me: "You're an asshole. You know that?"

Carelessoul: "Sorry man, you know I'm just messing with you. But seriously though she does seem a little different now that you're no longer together. Perhaps she really is happy with how her life is going. Which is why you should be happy for her too."

Me: "I know man. I mean I gotta at least be happy for her right?"

Carelessoul: "Right! So stop feeling sorry for yourself and accept the fact that she's happy with her life. Be happy for her dude. If not for her then do it for yourself. Save yourself from all this self-inflicted emotional torture."

Me: "Harsh words man."

Carelessoul: "Well what do you expect? After all I share all your thoughts and feelings. And I'm sick and tired with you moping around so much when you can do something productive, something different with your time."

Me: "Well I guess I ought to give it a try."

Carelessoul: "You do that. In the mean time might I suggest that we get some sleep? It's already 1:00 AM and it's Monday today so yeah."

Me: "Oh sh--! Yeah man we gotta hit the sack. Talk to you later alright?"

Carelessoul: "Sure dude. Anytime."

Sunday, June 10

A Surprising Loss

It's been a while since I last posted anything on this blog. I've been very busy with work and I didn't have the time, or the energy, to create a post worthy of sharing to the public. But as I watched the recent fight between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley, and with the decision that was made after the fight, I feel compelled to write something about it, because I wouldn't be satisfied if I didn't get my thoughts out.

If any of you watched the recently concluded fight, then you obviously saw who was the dominant fighter in the bought. Landing solid left straights and uppercuts, it was pretty obvious that Manny Pacquaio had the upper hand in the fight. Even the commentators gave round after round to him, saying that his power and his experience obviously gave him advantage over Tim Bradley. After 12 rounds of what seemed to be a really obvious win for the People's Champ, the bought was decided via judges' scores. 

As you can see from the Final Punchstat, everyone was expecting that Manny was going to win this one, but much to everyone's surprise, Timothy Bradley won the bought with a 2-1 split decision.

Now I'm no expert when it comes to boxing scores and all the technicalities that come with it, but basing from Manny's performance during the fight, it was very clear that he was throwing more solid punches as compared to Bradley. Bradley himself admitted that Pacquiao shook him a couple of times.

I don't really know how the boxing world works, but to have watched the fight and clearly saw how Manny dominated Bradley with punch after punch, it was really surprising how the judges came up with such a decision. Bob Arum of Top Rank called the decision "NUTS", and said that he had scored the fight 10-2 in favor of Manny. Tim Bradley's manager, Cameron Dunkin, had the fight at  8 to 4, for Pacquiao. BRADLEY'S OWN MANAGER!

I asked some of my friends for their opinions on the fight results and they were as dumbfounded as I was. A colleague stated that "'s a controlled decision by the mafias. they want to earn more money by wnting the audience to have a rematch". 

It would have been easier to accept the decision if I didn't see the actual fight, or if I saw that Timothy Bradley deserved the win, but seeing what he did today, makes me question how the judges even made there scores. 

A lot of fuzz is going on over the match, and I'm sure over the next few weeks this controversial decision will be talked about all over the country, from street vendors to Makati high rises. I just hope that whatever SH*T is going on in the Boxing World is put to a stop before the fans get tired of it and the sport dies out.

Tuesday, December 20

5 Days Before Christmas

Five days to go and it's Christmas, and though it may be the most wonderful time of the year, the commercialism of this season has left me to wonder if the true meaning of Christmas is truly understood by all, if  not then at least by most.

When I was a little kid, my parents always told me that Christmas was the time when the Son of God was born, that is of course our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As i was growing up, the thought that once a year we celebrate the birth, albeit not the actual birth, of Jesus always made me joyful.

Over the years though, we have been so influenced by Western culture that some of us have already forgotten what the true message of Christmas is all about. I once asked a friend's little sister if she knew who the star of Christmas is and she answered, "Di ba si Santa?" or "Isn't it Santa?". The young generation of today have been so exposed to commercialism and different marketing strategies of the Western countries, and it has come to a point where they have no idea what or who the true meaning of Christmas is (kaya nga may CHRIST sa Christmas diba?).

Thursday, December 15

Christmas Gift Requirements for my Inaanaks


Please secure all of the requirements on or before Christmas

1.) Original Copy of Baptismal Certificate.
2.) Original Copy of Birth Certificate. NSO Copy.
3.) Baptismal Pictures. With me present of course.
4.) Exact time and date of your baptism.
5.) You should know my complete name and address.
6.) NBI Clearance of parents.
7.) 2 pieces 1x1 ID pictures

Failure to comply with the requirements will mean NO GIFT for Christmas. ^_^

Tuesday, December 6

Back to Dancing

It's our company Christmas party this coming Saturday and much to my better dismay, I was tasked to join a dance number for our team. I hope I still have the moves (like jagger?) so I can pull this off. =(

Thursday, November 10

Another (Boring) Day at the Office

I usually arrive here at around 8:30, way earlier than the other people in my department. They arrive at around 10 or something and now I'm stuck here trying to figure out what to do because I don't have any tasks. I'm just passing the time surfing through the web and browsing through some random stuff.

Tuesday, November 8

I Need A Camera

I've seen so many things worth capturing but I don't have any equipment to capture them with.


Wednesday, November 2

That's How Bad Guys Do It

A little comedy to lighten the mood as I face another day in the office. 

Monday, October 17

A Passion for Fairy Tail

I've been reading a lot of manga since I was in High School, and I've watched a fair share of anime. From Death Note to Naruto, I've been avidly following the anime world.

One particular manga/anime has gotten me into a state of addiction ever since I started reading/watching it last year. It's a combination of action, adventure, comedy, drama and all sorts of different genres that add spice to its already unique setting. This manga/anime of course is Fairy Tail.

For almost one year I've been reading the manga and watching the anime of this insanely addictive series created by the author of Rave, Hiro Mashima.

The story itself is quite catchy, as well as the many characters in the story. Each character has a back story all his own which is uniquely connected and spun together to make up one of my most favorite mangas/animes by far.

Well, enough babbling about how great a story it is. In order for you guys to experience how great it is, you should try reading the manga or watching the anime for yourselves.

Here are the links:

Tuesday, February 15

Cashing-in on Facebook Games

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WordPress Remix 3.0

Most of the Internet community know that WordPress is one of the world's most popular blogging tool, but as a CMS, most web developers don't give it much consideration. That is why I want to share to you a tool that is WordPress powered but can also give you the best CMS solution you'll ever find in the market: WPRemix!

WPRemix allows you to create a website easily. It is powered by WordPress but is not limited to just a blogging platform, but also as a very powerful CMS.

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World of Warcraft Complete Guide

If you're an avid gamer like me, you'd want to be guided on how to achieve a high level or earn lots of in-game cash easily.

For one of the world's most popular online game, World of Warcraft, a number of guides and howtos have been created, but none of them ever boast of being so detailed and being highly in demand.

But now I want to introduce to you a complete WOW Guide that will surely improve your chances in the game.

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