Saturday, May 18

System Development Life Cycle For When Going On A Date

  1. Planning. You've asked her out, she's already agreed, and the date has been set. You try to create a map inside your head of how you want to go about it. You basically have an itinerary of what you want to do during said date. Of course there's always room for spontaneity, and you try to accommodate possible scenarios as much as you can. 
  2. Analysis. Now that you've planned what you want to do, you analyze the person you're going out with. What are her characteristics? Is she quiet and reserved or does she come in a little strong? You have to assess the person in order for you to know how you should act/react towards them. This requires proper observance of said person so that you can tailor your actions/words towards theirs and have a harmonious, fun time together.
  3. Design. You've observed the person you are supposed to go out with. You've noticed that she's a bit of a shy person and doesn't like talk much. Now you try to think of ways on how you can get her to open up during your date. Of course you allow yourself room for changes, especially if you found out later that your analysis was wrong. But basically this is a crucial part in ensuring the success of your date.
  4. Implementation. So the day has finally arrived. You wear your awesome clothes and plaster on your most confident smile as you meet them. You've already analyzed each angle of the date and have prepared for this, with room for minor adjustments and modifications along the way. Now it's high time that you put into action those plans and preparations. It's time to do the things you've pictured yourself doing when you were planning for this date. If everything goes according to plan and you've assessed the situation thoroughly, then success is inevitable. If not, then I guess it's back to the drawing board.
  5. Maintenance. Assuming you're initial planning and analysis created a solid design and was implemented with almost perfect accuracy, with little tweaks here and there, both you and your date will feel more confident about yourselves, and be at ease with each other. But you shouldn't be celebrating this early because the task is not yet over. By this stage you've already impressed your date, now the question is how can you continue to impress her and give her an awesome experience for the duration of the time? The secret here is that your implementation should have provisions for maintenance. You don't go all out in just one hurrah. You do it gradually, with a slow and steady pace. Not too slow that she's gonna be bored later on, but also not too fast that's she's gonna think you're psycho and freak out. Just a subtle enough pace which both of you can enjoy. If all goes well, then she's gonna be inclined to agree to a second date, in which case a new cycle shall begin.