Monday, October 17

A Passion for Fairy Tail

I've been reading a lot of manga since I was in High School, and I've watched a fair share of anime. From Death Note to Naruto, I've been avidly following the anime world.

One particular manga/anime has gotten me into a state of addiction ever since I started reading/watching it last year. It's a combination of action, adventure, comedy, drama and all sorts of different genres that add spice to its already unique setting. This manga/anime of course is Fairy Tail.

For almost one year I've been reading the manga and watching the anime of this insanely addictive series created by the author of Rave, Hiro Mashima.

The story itself is quite catchy, as well as the many characters in the story. Each character has a back story all his own which is uniquely connected and spun together to make up one of my most favorite mangas/animes by far.

Well, enough babbling about how great a story it is. In order for you guys to experience how great it is, you should try reading the manga or watching the anime for yourselves.

Here are the links: